Monday, December 7, 2009

Running Around

First and foremost I want to Congratulate two lovely ladies for becoming contestants of the 2010 Miss Delaware pageant! I am completely late on this so I apologize, but Marcie Smith is our Miss Rehoboth Beach 2010 and Shaila Gillis is our Miss Mid-Atlantic 2010. It was a great evening and all of the young women that competed that night did a fantastic job. I am truly not kidding when I say I would hate to be in the judges shoes! It's a tough job picking the winner!

I was all over the place in Novemeber! Ranging anywhere from Rehoboth Beach to King of Prussia, PA. Crowning Around sponsored a fantastic Pageant Prep Expo for girls all over area that were interested gaining various assistance in pageantry. There was a fashion show in the beginning after the keynote speaker, Don Baker, said a few words. Then everyone that came was able to enjoy networking with people that can help with almost any part of preparation you can imagine. There was wardrobe for any phase of competition, interview coaching, healthy diet planning, talent coaching, and so much more! It was a wonderful experience being able to model for my friends at The Bridal Suite! I wore a beautiful, short dress by Heather French Henry. It was great being there for the very first Pageant Prep Expo by Crowning Around and being able to share the experience with my fellow pageant queens!

One of the most touching and memorable appearances I have had so far would be the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial service that I attended on Veteran's Day this past November. I was honored to sing the national anthem for so many of those that put their lives on the line for our country. My Dad is a Veteran and is now retired military from the Air Force, so our nation's armed forces have always been something near to my heart. My cousins have fought overseas in Iraq, with one still being over there. War is something that affects so many families, and unfortunately not everyone has a positive experience. We honored the Delawarians that were killed during the Vietnam War with a beautiful Memorial and service. Several people shared their stories, and many eyes were filled with tears. It was a time I will never forget and I am so proud that I was able to partake in that experience.

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