Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekend Trip to Johnstown!

I began my trip to Johnstown by stopping by the Bridal Suite for my first fitting for my Miss America wardrobe, including several cocktail dresses and a few gowns. That evening Debi and I attended the Little Miss Merry Christmas pageant held by Ronnie Weaver. Miss Pennsylvania, Shannon Doyle, was there as well. We each performed while the judges finished calculating their scores. It was great to hear the feedback from the audience after my performance. Many of them had not heard opera before, so I was proud to introduce them to what I feel is one of the greatest classical pieces ever written, Adele's Laughing Song.

After the pageant, Shannon, myself, and several other local titleholders went to the nearby hotel for a fabulous holiday dinner party held by Deborah and Ronnie. I felt so much love from them that evening. I received gifts from people that just met me! Their thoughtfulness showed the true meaning of hospitality. Anything I wanted or needed that weekend, I got. It is always nice to meet fellow titleholders and see the beauty that flows from inside each and every one of them.

I was amazed by the size of the tree in the restaurant! It had to be the fattest tree I had ever seen! I thought it complimented my dress very nicely, so we took a quick holiday photo in front of it.

The following morning was the Northern Cambria Christmas Parade. Most of us that were there the night before, bundled up to brave the cold breeze that blew strongly that morning. We decided, what better to do that take pictures while we wait for directions on where to go!

After finding our horse drawn carriage, we wanted to make sure we took a picture in front of it because it was so beautiful! We felt just like Cinderella! As we went through the parade, the Tribune Democrat managed to snap a picture of us and titled it "Visiting Royalty", I was very flattered when I heard I made it in a Pennsylvania newspaper!

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We wish you the best of luck at Miss America! Good to hear that you are doing so well

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