Saturday, December 19, 2009

Novemeber on fast forward

Congrats to Miss Capital 2010, Heather McKinney! You looked beautiful and danced with the same grace you always do! Good luck at Miss DE this year!

I went to Richard-Donald Furs in Wilmington, DE to pick up my fur coat for the winter! Thanks to Mark we found the perfect dress coat. It has kept me warm at several parades and events so far and it has only been about a month! I sure am lucky! I feel so elegant every time I wear it. They are located right on Market St if anyone is looking for a warm gift for a special someone for Christmas!

Recently, there was the Miss Sussex County 2010 pageant as well. It was a great event, however I had to leave early so I could not get a picture with their new titleholder, Miriah Hearn! It is going to be a tough year this year! All of the girls are so beautiful and talented! I had the chance to perform during the pageant, one of my favorite things about being Miss Delaware. It is so exciting to be able to share my gift of singing with so many people throughout our state. I truly believe nothing moves people like music. I am so glad that I have the power to share that!

The reason why I had to leave early was to sing the National Anthem at a MMA event being held at Delaware State University. Through my friend Valerie, I was asked to perform at "Total Disregard" which was a mixed martial arts competition between local fighters. It was such an interesting experience. I was actually asked to sing in the middle of the cage! I can only imagine how these fighters must feel when the cage is closed before a fight...I was in there for two minutes with it opened and I was nervous!

On my way out, I was stopped by the people with a company called Policy. They gave me a T shirt just to take a picture with them! I've never felt so much like a celebrity! The shirt by the way is one of the most comfortable ones I own. Look them up online, they are so friendly and have great stuff!

more fun in the life of Miss Delaware to come...

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