Sunday, December 6, 2009

I made a trip to East Millsboro Elementary to speak to their Just Say No group about the importance of holding true to one's character to set an example for others. We talked about how each of the six pillars of Character Counts can be used to say no to drugs. They came up with several examples on how they could use good character to help friends see that they are going to take the high road when it comes to drugs. By the end of our talk the students were able to share ways that they could be a role model for their friends, family, and fellow school mates. I shared with them that singing is something I love to do, and in order to do my very best when I sing, my lungs need to be as healthy as they possibly can be. Therefore, one reason why I don't smoke or use drugs is because my singing abilities would be significantly damaged. So after sharing a song with them, we decided to take a few funny pictures before a couple last minute remarks were shared by their teachers. It was great seeing so many students dedicated to being their best self and setting themselves as an example for others!

In November, we celebrated Medical-Surgical Nurses week, where Kent General Hospital held an Ice Cream Social celebrating everything these nurses do to help out the patients that come in everyday. Lt. Governor Matt Denn was there to read off the official proclamation from the State, dedicating the entire week to Med-Surg Nurses. I was invited to help serve the ice cream with two other very special princesses, Sara Garrison and Samantha Ponsell. I had the chance to speak with several nurses there, and I was even given a tour of the hospital. I learned so much about how sections are managed and how the hospital is so successful in what in does. The patients really are the most important aspect of that hospital, and everything from the layout of the building to the interior decorating is chosen to best help the patients staying at Kent General have an enjoyable stay.

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