Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maria Cahill - The Fast, the Furious....the Math Major?! NOT.

Hey everyone!! It has been a crazy couple of days! I have done so many appearances and have been booked for SO many more! 
      Today, I was able to attend to a SmartDrive appearance.  I was incredibly excited because it was the first time as Miss Delaware that I was able to do something related to my platform.  I got to meet a group of over 50 kids and talk about safe driving and tell them why it was so important to me.  The main activity for the day was to drive a golf cart (it was more like a golf cart on steroids...) through an obstacle course.  I was the first one to drive to start the day off.  No pressure.  I was timed driving normally the first time.  The second time through, I was supposed to talk on the phone and answer math questions while being timed.

****TIME OUT HERE, PEOPLE.  I do not like math.  I am not good at math.  The only numbers I look at and get happy about is when I am checking prices at a store and I see something is on sale.  The only "A" in math I ever got was in college and I called my mom and told her right away because it was the most exciting moment of my life...kind of...I mean I did get a 100% and tricked my friends into thinking I was naturally good at that phone call was deserved, in my professional opinion...**** I was driving with a cell phone, I was able to show (in a huge way...) that it was SO hard to drive while distracted!  Not only was my time to finish the course 15 seconds slower, I rediscovered my hatred for math as it took me at least 10 seconds to figure out what 7+5 was.....UGH.

The lady who contacted me to do this event also owns 12 radio stations throughout the state of Delaware so we are already in talks to have me record a PSA to play on all of them :) YAY!!
     - Is it possible to have "In the Arms of an Angel" play in the background?  That song always gets me when it plays in the SPCA psa...

Moral of the story - it takes looking at a cell phone for a second to cause an accident or take a life.  Also, never do math while driving...or avoid it all together if possible....

Check out SmartDrive at!! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

Today, I also picked up my photopads! (photos that I can sign and hand out to everybody...because I know everyone obviously wants one...).  So exciting!!!  I also got my official Miss Delaware 'Thank You' cards which I am sure I will be sending A LOT of! :)

Tomorrow I have my runway debut as Miss Delaware at the Best of Delaware party!  My fitting at Lady's Image yesterday went fabulously and I have some beautiful pieces to WERK! Can't wait to share pictures with you all!

I also did an interview with The Dialog! It is always exciting when newspaper people come to your house and whip out a camera with that fancy umbrella thing!....PHOTOSHOOT!!!

This year has just been incredible so far and every day, I just feel more and more blessed for what I have been given!

Stay chill (and away from math),

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8


Arin said...

Ha funny picture. love math but sometimes i get stumped to

Chris Cobb said...

maria i saw you on life on the rock. You inspire me to live better. thank you for your example. :)

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