Friday, July 15, 2011


3rd order of business - 2 checks off my bucket list

Yes, I have a bucket list.  Who doesn't?  Is a bucket list still technically a bucket list if you are too lazy to write it down and it is all just bottled up in your head?  Is there such things as a mental bucket list? Oh, life's unanswered questions...
       Two things that have been on my bucket list are 1. to be on the cover of a magazine that people need to pay to get (none of these "take me, I'm free" magazines) and 2. to drive nascars.  Has anyone ever seen Talledaga Nights?  Who WOULDN'T have 'driving a nascar' on their bucket list after seeing that!
1.         Back when I was Miss Rehoboth Beach, I was asked to appear on the September beach guide cover of Delaware Today!! HUZZAH!!!  I packed myself go to Rehoboth Beach for my early, in fact, that in my delirious state, I rubbed lotion (or what I thought was lotion) all over my face only discover it was acne medicine....true story.  Kill me now.  I met at Dolph's beach house with my fabulous hair stylist Sal from Michael Christophers!  After he dolled me all up, it was off to the boardwalk for me to pose my butt off!  I live for these kind of moment!  I could have photoshoots all day long and be perfectly happy about it.  After the cover shoot, which comes out next month, it was off the Robin Hood's for a bite to eat...not that I ate 6 waffles or anything...  It was there that I saw the Cape Gazette, the paper in which I saw the first article about myself as the new Miss Delaware!  So cool!!  Needless to say, I picked up as many papers as I could fit into my arms...SUCCESS!!  After the shoot, it was a quick change in the car (I am becoming a pro at this...) and off to Dover Downs for an Oakley's Sunglasses appearance!  This event was basically being a hostess to over 20 business men from all over the mid-west as well as "styling" these guys for their own pair of Oakleys.  Sweet.  This is when the "bucket list talk" began....

Cheezin' at the Oakley's event!! :)

2.  Dover Downs is home to what is called the "Monster Mile."  I was talking with the director of the business group from Monsanto about my bucket list.  I told him that I cried when Dale Earnhart died and it has always been on my bucket list to drive a nascar before I die.  "As a matter of fact, we are driving them tomorrow on the Monster Mile if you want to do it!"
        - You know that moment when someone offers you something really nice to you but you decline out of sheer politeness? Yeah, NO. That was not happening in this case.
I told him I would be there.  A quick couple phone calls to my directors later, I was in and my dad was my escort...lucky duck.The next morning, I was up very early.  I had to be on the track by 8.  My dad and I not only got to ride shotgun over 40 times around the track, but we got to drive 10 of our own laps!! I got up to the max speed of 120!!....what do you expect...I am just good like that...  It was an experience like NO OTHER!!!  I got to take so many pictures and meet all the guys who work behind the scenes to make it happen!  INCREDIBLE!!!

Stay chill,

Psalm 118:24 - "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."


Amy Kosmalski said...

You are your writing style! I feel like I am just on the journey with you. Can't wait to read more! xoxo

Arin said...

its arin again glad to see you rode one of the cars. my dad wanted to but i wouldnt let him ( race cars scare me)!

Catherine Moore said...

... because it says I like to be formal, but I'm here to party.

Ok seriously, I still can't believe you're Miss Delaware! Love the blog and Bible quotes :)

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