Friday, July 15, 2011

The single MOST EMBARRASSING moment of my life...literally.

2nd order of business - a day with three different appearances! YES!

My day started out with a breast cancer walk for the DBCC (Delaware Breat Cancer Coalition).  Little did I know that this appearance would lead to one of the most humiliating moments of my life....
       This walk to increase awareness about breast cancer was truly incredible.  To see people so passionate about an issue such as this gives me goosebumps. I got to meet so many people, including survivors and their children!  To hear each and every one of them share their story with me was remarkable and heartwarming.  These women are so strong!!  This walk of about 100 was relatively smaller than other walks that I have been to, but the determination with which they talked about overcoming breast cancer was beautiful.
      Here comes the terrible part...I was approached right before the walk started and was asked if I could sing the National Anthem.  HOLD ON.  I can't even HUM, let alone sing two words in tune.  When my own mother tells me I can't sing a note, you just know that you have to let the Mariah Carey's of the world take over for all things National Anthem related.  I politely declined, saying that if you would not like the brand spanking new Miss Delaware to be booed right out of the venue, you would not put me up there.  Sure, I like to chant "USA! USA!" wherever I go and wear red, white and blue 5 days out of the week, but this was just not happening.  The lady who asked just laughed and told me it was no problem at all. PHEW!!! Dodged that bullet, right?......WRONG!  5 minutes later, I heard over the loudspeaker, "MARIA CAHILL, CAN YOU PLEASE COME UP TO THE STAGE TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!" Uhhh......what?!??!  Yes, folks, I did the unthinkable.  I had to sing (or attempt to, at least...) the National Anthem with another lady.  I apologized to everyone before starting, proceeded to turn 17 shades of red and "sang" the Anthem while lip-synching the high notes.  Welcome to the wonderful world of being a Miss least I remembered the words....

With a breast cancer survivor! :)

          After this lovely ordeal (NOT), I finished the mile walk and tried to get everyone to forget about the massacre I had done to their ear drums.  After this wonderful event with the DBCC, it was a quick change in my car then off to a car show!  I got to walk around for hours just shaking hands, taking pictures and meeting SO many different kinds of people!  You know you make an impression when an 8 year old has the courage to walk up to you and say, "I know I am much younger than you, but I was wondering if I could have your number."  Adorable!!  What an awesome event!

Just another day at a car show!

       My day was still not over yet! It was another quick change, then off to Newark to meet with my executive director, the LOVELY Debi, to go to the Miss New Jersey Pageant!!  The pageant was wonderful! I got to see my roommate from Miss Delaware, Chelsea Lee Ray which I was thrilled about!  After a good amount of "vouging" with her (aka. the Maria Cahill version of a photo shoot...check the photos below...), the pageant began! It is much more enjoyable and less stressful watching the pageant than actually being in it.  The stunning Katharyn won!  She did an absolutely fabulous job and I know that we will have a great time at Miss America in January.  The day was long, but it was so worth it!  I am SO BLESSED!!!

LOVE DEBI AND CHELS!! :) (probably the only serious picture of the night...)

Stay chill,

"For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of your hands."
                                                               Psalm 92:4

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Aunt Maggie said...

Maria, FYI! Don't forget that your Grandmother had breast cancer and is also a survivor of 11 years! You should talk to her about it sometime.

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