Saturday, July 16, 2011

All "waves" were NOT created equal....

      Honestly, it is SO WEIRD being in a parade.  I always loved being the one that candy was thrown at...not the one doing the throwing...LAME.  However, after my 1st parade, I was hooked.

WARNING: I like to fist pump at parades....

My very first parade was on July 3rd.    Because I LOVE America so much, I was obviously pumped.  The Middletown parade was a smaller parade, but it was fabulous nonetherless.  It was my first time waving for an extended period of time........Okay.....on the subject of waving.......

Wave:  Something is the ocean.  To disturb the status quo.  What a tree does in the breeze.

After looking up the definition of a wave, nothing was said about pageant girls, parades, or people having to do it the same way.  On that note, I DO NOT and will never wave like a normal human being.  Not only is it BORING, but why wave from the wrist and up?  Why not put all your energy into it so your whole arm moves and not like you are trying to scoop up the air with just your doesnt hurt to fist pump and point?   ------->


July 4th - close to the BEST day ever.

Before I begin, I need to define one more word: Donald.

DONALD:  The best man ever.  The parade driver of the last 16 Miss Delaware's.  Someone who had better hair than Trump.

3 parades.  One day.  For most, that meant a lot of candy.  For us pageant folk, that just means a lot of waving (*see above).  My day started bright and early with the Symrna parade.  I got to be right in the front because it was off to another parade right after that!  The parade was fantastic.  I love that even though I am sitting on the back of a car (a STUNNING car at that), I still get to meet so many people!!  My favorite thing ever is when little girls point at you and scream, "It's Miss Delaware! It's a princess??"  Has anyone ever died of cuteness?  Well, at one point this year, I might!
        After this parade, I had a police escort to get me back to my car and on the road to the Bethany parade!  I have always been jealous of police because they can ride through red lights if their flashing lights are on....just picture this.....a police motorcycle with flashing lights followed by a beautiful '67 red convertible, top down, going 50 mph with a Miss Delaware holding on for dear life still sitting on the back.  Yes. This is real life.  It happened.  I arrived to the Bethany parade with moments to spare.  This parade was CRAZY!!!!! It is a real experience when you are placed in front of at least 2000 people as the new Miss Delaware.  Everyone is just screaming your name, waving at you, running up to the car to take pictures with you....UNREAL!!!  I definitely left that parade on a high!
           After a wonderful dinner with my favorite business manager, Susan, and her wonderful husband, Gene, it was off to Dover for yet another parade!! YAY!  Another wonderful parade with people screaming my name (will NEVER get used to that feeling) and even got to see my mom and two of my sisters who went to watch!!

When I got home that night, it was just another one of those moments that I realized how blessed I am.  A remarkable day :))

My car!


Police escort. The good life.

After the day of three parades!  With my little sister, Annie :)


"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
                                                                                        Psalm 118:24

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Arin said...

when my mom was in a prade one time she dressed up like cinderella!

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