Thursday, July 14, 2011


Before I go any further, there are some people I absolutely have to thank!!

GOD. "With Him, all things are possible."

Mom and Dad - unreal what you have done for me these past 20 years.  Hopefully, this year, I can make you both even more proud!

Katie, Liz, Joe, Christine, Jack and Annie - the best, most loving, brothers and sisters that one could ever ask for...even though the first word out of your mouths after I won was "VEGAS!!!!" :) I love you guys!

My wonderful aunts, uncles, and other relatives - thank you for all the support you have shown, not just now, but through my whole lifetime.  It means the world to me!!

To my Aquinas Academy family - thank you for teaching me how to stand up for what I believe in, regardless of what anyone says.  Along with my family, you have taught me to stay true to myself and not compromise it for anyone!

Beka, Ali, Kristen, Sam and Catherine - The BEST friends that I could have ever asked for.  Your unconditional love and support no matter what is mindblowing to me. I love you guys so much :) 

My SVC family - you know who you are.  Thank you for sticking by me with or without my crown.  I know you will be in my life forever.  I love you.  Cats lax - I will rep you guys all day long.  Don't even care.

Christina Ryan and the Ryan-Kilcoyne school of Irish Dance - thank you for being my second family.  I love all my girls that I teach and you all make me so proud.

Alyssa, Chelsea, Melissa, and the rest of my Miss Delaware pageant sisters - I can't wait to work at so many events with you guys this year.  You want to eat clompers soon? I'm hungry.

Miss Delaware Board - you have already treated me like I was your own daughter.  Thank you so much for the support you have shown and will continue to show throughout my year.  It is because of you that all of this is possible.

Marisa - THE BEST DIRECTOR I could have asked for.  So proud to have called you my director this year.  Thank you for teaching me the ways of a Miss Delaware and telling me from day 1 when we met at the food court that I could be Miss Delaware. :)

Harry Roosevelt and the Delaware Safety Council - Thank you for taking me under your wing and giving little Miss Rehoboth Beach a chance to make a difference in her community.  I look forward to continuing my work with you to save lives throughout my state and nation.

Regal family - thanks for putting up with my crazy schedule!

My "little sisters" - you will be a part of me my entire life.  Can we have a date to Domino's Pizza soon?

To all those who have supported me with well wishes and prayers - it is these small gestures that makes me so proud to be representing Delaware. I hope to make every single one of you proud.

Anyone else I forgot? Um....just yell at me via text, phone call or blast me over good old facebook and twitter.  I am getting ready to go to an appearance so I will definitely add more...because the minute I leave, I will remember 10 more people.

Stay chill,
my wonderful brothers and sisters


Arin said...

Hey its Arin!!!!! i found your blog! my mom told me you had one so i found it! were coming to see you WIN miss america.

Anonymous said...

hello maria its sydney your little sister, youre special gift is coming threw the mail

~sydney sheehan

Catherine Moore said...

yeah, so i might have been creeping on your old blog posts. love this, love you, miss you so much.
- catherine

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