Saturday, July 16, 2011

Walk, don't run, to the nearest ice cream booth!

4th order of business - Miles for Children Walk and PHOTOSHOOT!!!! holla!

After a couple days of catching up on some much needed sleep, it was off to the waterfront in Wilmington for the Miles for Children 5K!! On a side note, was I really a part of the actual 5K if the only walking I did was between the face painting booth and the ice cream booth?....hmmmm....
      This event was awesome on so many levels!  I got to talk to so many people, the most memorable being the woman I talked to about safe driving and why I was so passionate about it.  I could tell that my story really affected her and she said that she would no longer text while driving because of what happened to my friend.  Truly incredible.
     - why is it that at all of my appearances, I become best friends with everyone under the age of 10?  Whatever the reason, I LOVE IT!!

MOLLY!!!! the cutest thing I have ever seen! :)

Basically everyone knows that I love photoshoots.  Do I love them more than a number 1 meal at McDonalds (Big Mac with no pickle, large fry and large drink)?   .....That is seriously debatable....I love fashion magazines, fierce shoots and anything to do with Vogue magazine.  For anyone that has not seen some of the photoshoots I have done, here is a preview!..... can imagine my excited when I was set up with the amazing Paul Pruitt to take my headshots for Miss America!!  It went awesome and the photos turned out amazing!!  Needless to say, the shoot went from basic smiling headshots to full-blown fierce shots with wind in my face....just leave it to me.  The usual... Once I get the OKAY to put them up here, I will! 

Definitely check out Paul Pruitt's work at  His work is AMAZING and you will not be dissapointed!!!  Can't wait to share my pictures with you all!

Stay Chill,

(Psalms 138:3) 3 In the day that I called, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul.

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