Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh hey, Colonel Sanders!

Can I still believe that I am blogging as Miss Delaware?!?!?!............NO.
Since winning Miss Delaware, I have already done so many incredible appearances.  No worries, people.  I am here to fill you in!

1st order of business - CHICKEN FESTIVAL!!

Chicken.  I hear that word and I automatically get hungry.  When I heard I was asked to appear at the Chicken Festival, I only knew two things....I was Miss Delaware...and I like chicken...grilled chicken, fried chicken, Chicken salad, chicken nuggets, barbeque chicken, parmesan chicken, chicken ramen.....seriously, everyone, if you don't want to go run out to Chick-fil-a.....then you should probably just stop reading.  I was escorted by my WONDERFUL business manager, Susan Collins, who took great care of me, even getting me chicken out of the 10 foot frying pan to eat and finding me a hat shaped like a chicken to wear around...typical.  I had the honor of being one of the people "cutting the ribbon" to start the entire festival! In all honesty, it was more of a "pretend to cut the ribbon but just drop it instead" ceremony.  Seriously?!?!  If you are going to go around making giant scissors, the least you could do is make them actually functional! Lame.  But cool, nonetheless.  I left the festival one happy camper!

Stay chill,
Senator Carper and I just hanging out...not a big deal or anything...

Myself and Doug, the chick.

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