Wednesday, July 27, 2011

People call me Rocky...not really, but for this post, just pretend...

About a week ago, I was honored to be a part of the Miss Maine Invitational*!!! Does this mean that I was in Maine? No. I was in New Jersey.  Why?  Us pageant people like to be different.  That's why.

*Miss Maine Invitational - Event hosted by Maine to introduce some state winners to the history of the whole organization in Atlantic City

       I got to meet 8 other of my pageant sisters! (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Missouri and District of Columbia)  While they were there for the weekend, my executive director, Debi, and I made it a day trip.  We met everyone at Schoppy's in New Jersey (the official supplier for the Miss America Organization).  We got to listen to the owner talk a little bit about the history of the store and how they have seen the Miss America pageant change during the years.  After SO many pictures (and witnessing a telephone pole fall over and almost demolish a car...typical....) it was off to the Miss America offices!!
There, we got a tour and got to meet everyone who is behind the scenes, the ones who make this whole pageant possible!! I got to learn so much about the history of the organization which is great for newbies like myself!  (and they fed us cake, so obviously I was going to like it regardless of what happened...)


The old Miss America's swimsuit !!!  I would rock it so it's whatever...

Susan Powell, former Miss America and Miss Delaware Emcee!

After the tour of the offices, it was on to Convention Hall to see the old site of the Miss America Pageant.  How incredible!! Walking into the HUGE arena, it gave me the chills to know that in just a few short months, I would be competing in a venue like that!! KJACLKLASDKJLKJL!!!!!!***

***Text vomit - stringing a bunch of various letters together to show an insane amount of excitement.  Uusally done over text message, but in cases where a Miss Delaware (ME) feels that it is neccessary in a blog to show enthusiasm over a pageant related activity, it is acceptable.

Backstage at Convention Hall

SIDENOTE - for anyone that has read my older blogs, I have a bucketlist....only it's a mental bucketlist out of sheer laziness to put pen to paper.  One of the things (no. 14) on my list was to "go in a boxing ring."  Just to go in it.  Maybe I would run around a little bit, occasionally jump up and down...I don't know.  The chance of me ever getting in a boxing ring in my life did not have very good odds so I just left it as "get in a boxing ring."  Well, ladies and gents, it happened.  I even got to run around, occasionally jump....actually, no.  Who am I kidding.  I was bodyslamming and flinging off the sides.  The usual Miss Delaware behavior.
The pictures that I have are blurry because of the insane amount of reckless activity, but if I find some decent ones, I will put them up later...

It was then off to the boardwalk!!  We got to sign so many autographs take massive amounts of pictures!!! ....great, minus the fact my hair was starting to go Albert Einstein on everyone....lovely.  Who wants an autograph of a girl with hair sticking straight up?! Has anyone every see The Chronicles of Narnia?!  Picture Aslan the lion and his mane of hair.  That's me....SIGH...moving on....

We got to meet soooooo many incredible people that day and it was an incredible experience!!! <3

***To Missouri (aka. Sydney Friar) - I can't wait for Orlando!!!  Everyone, check this girl out on her blog (  From the moment we introduced ourselves in weird, accented voices like we were straight out of Beetle Juice, I knew I found at least one girl that was just as crazy as me!!!! Not to mention her state initials are "MO" and mine are "DEL" (for the purpose of the statement coming up).  What does that make?  MODEL. Can you say, "WINNING!!!"


Re-enacting our "winning" faces

                                                  "Chill Brah" with my lifeguard BF

I would conclude by talking about how Debi and I finished the day at McDonalds, but I am going to save that for a whole different blog.  McDonald's should probably sponsor me...just saying.

Stay chill and don't get hit by a telephone pole,
             MARIA CAHILL

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"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13

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